Dear Friend,
I always believe that there is huge scope in our printing industry. We have to upgrade ourselves with the latest developments, innovations and apply our infrastructure into innovative new products. At the same time, we have to pool our resources with our fellow associates so that we are able to do each and every job possible.

Keeping in mind I have developed a very innovative PRNT Saathi printing business model. We have designed four models so that each and every person small or big, offset or digital, graphic designer or artist, every person of industry, be a Saathi, and earn extra profit with the existing setup.

Akshat Gupta

Everything in Premium Printing

It is misunderstood that printing is very competitive industry and there is no future.
In fact there is huge scope of work for premium printing & its products and for those who are able to serve clients at their doorstep with good quality work.
Most of the adverting agencies and printing professionals who are outsourcing printing jobs make huge profits only because of their reputation of quality & services.
Keeping this in mind we have planned a association model for mutual benefits where all printing need will be served with guarantee of premium quality and quantity.

Perhaps PRNT Source Glazer Pvt. Ltd. is THE ONLY printing setup in India
that have the following USP’s


Normally a small printer is limited to his own resources and not able to do high earning jobs because of limitation of variety, quality, and time schedule. By having our association lkFkh] he will be able to book orders by showing exclusive samples provided/displayed at his unit and either he will be able to do jobs at its own unit or send us for execution.
His limitation of working capital will take care of us. He will just book jobs with some amount of advance from the client and send us for execution. The job will be completed by us and the franchisee can make balance at the time of delivery to the client, as such no working capital will be required by him.
We will also help in the modernization of his existing unit by replacing his old machines/equipment and help in getting new machines at very competitive rates as we will sell/buy machines/equipment direct to users/ manufacturers as the case may be.
To provide a platform where a small printer in a town will be able to do each and every printing job especially premium printing and be able to earn high profit.

We will also provide assistance to him for taking loans from banks for purchasing machines.

Like US and other developed countries we will offer many models of Premium Print Services in Indian Context such as advance booking of time/schedule, guaranteed quality controls etc.